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Flathead rebuilder in Florida?
Can someone direct me to a knowledgable flathead rebuilder in Florida? Thank You....
Pete Sep-27-09 03:18 PM
by Paul Dobbin
C 4 Conversion
Thanks for the info. about converting my 1951 Ford to a C4 transmission. I am going to ask this question just to show how little I know!lol. Is the ...
Byron Sep-27-09 02:13 PM
by trjford8
35 Hot Air Heater
I am looking for Hot Air Heater Info and parts at Hershey. Would appreciate and leads or location of vendors with parts. Thanks Kerk GDG 23...
Kerk Sep-27-09 12:41 PM
by Kerk
1937 Fuel Pump
My '37 Ford (85Hp) has lost power on acceleration. I figured it was the fuel pump. Well I think that there are leaks between the pump and the fu...
Mike Zahorik Sep-27-09 11:46 AM
by GM
Overdrive for 1951 Ford
I am looking for someone who can troubleshoot and fix my overdrive in my 51 Ford. Help please. Mike...
Mike in OC Sep-27-09 10:35 AM
by Flathead4d
Rechrome 1951 Ford Bumpers
Any recommendations for a good vendor to rechrome my 1951 Ford bumpers? I live in Maine and can't find anyone that does this---Thanks--Byron...
Byron Sep-27-09 02:10 AM
by old1936ford
C 4 Conversion
Does anyoneknow of any written instructions or info. on how to convert a 1951 Ford to a C4?---Thanks---Byron---I am a good carpenter but not a very ...
Byron Sep-27-09 01:39 AM
by trjford8
NEW OLD STOCK, handbrake cable, for 1941 FORD, this is a FORD part and still has the GENIUNE FORD tag on it, and comes complete with the rubbe...
37RAGTOPMAN Sep-26-09 08:17 PM
by GEE
46 ford convertible early or late
as a fact the car had a woodgrained dash board ,what would be the color of the steering column and steering wheel? thanks in advance ...
carlos jimenez Sep-26-09 06:37 PM
by Ted S
Door armrests.
My 39 Standard Tudor came from the factory with minimal options. There was only one tail light,one sun visor,and no front seat arm rests on the do...
Gary M. Sep-26-09 04:00 PM
by Gary M.
Is the Early Ford V8 hobby dying? [View All]
What's going to happen when the baby boomers die off? Most are retired now, and can afford to buy cars and parts for their EFV8's. However%2...
rgaller Sep-26-09 03:16 PM
by trjford8
C4 Transmission
I have a 1951 Ford with V-8 Flatheadand the origional 2 speed auto transmissin. I want to change to a C-4 Auto. Any recomendations regards to best pro...
Byron Sep-26-09 03:05 PM
by trjford8
Electrical Problems (?)
I have installed all new wiring on my '48 coupe. The car starts up right away. All of the lights work. The horns don't, as I think the ground...
swmddo Sep-26-09 12:59 PM
by swmddo
hershey meet 09 Spares
I will be at hershey wed and thursday.and i am looking for a gear cluster for a 37 convertible, I have trouble on second gear.Also looking for brake...
brownscastle Sep-26-09 08:14 AM
by brownscastle
The copper head gaskets cost more than steel. What do you gain, if anything, from using copper gasket in a 1935 engine with steel heads. I would t...
JD Sep-25-09 09:20 PM
by supereal
Oil relief valve plug
The oil relief valve plug in my 35 engine has flat spots on it. Is it suppose to be like that or a nice round surface....
JD Sep-25-09 03:41 PM
by lynn
temp senders
anybody have an idea of what the numbers on the side of single and double pole temperature sending units mean ?--I have some single pole with 224,...
alanwoodieman Sep-25-09 12:35 PM
by alanwoodieman
Proper Ignition Volts Pre-41
Could one of you seasoned mechanics tell me what the voltage output of a properly working ignition ballast resistor should read so the coil will fire ...
40Fan Sep-25-09 00:49 AM
by GM
34 frame
Are '34 coupe and sedan frames the same like '32s are? I came across a rolling chassis but want to be sure if I find a coupe body for a future p...
32/3window Sep-24-09 11:45 PM
by 32/3window
Flathead rebuilder in Florida?
Can someone direct me to a knowledgable flathead rebuilder in Florida. Thank you. Pete 239-549-3810 email: surfandsun46@yahoo.com...
Pete Sep-24-09 11:33 PM
by Pete
wheel hub studs
Were the bolts on the front hubs swedged in for 1950 passenger cars?...
JC Sep-24-09 08:09 PM
by jc
Hi again just out of interest would anyone know the value of a 33 fordor righthand drive in showroom condition totally stock thanks...
Rob Sep-24-09 04:58 PM
by supereal
Rear main seal
The rear main seal on my 21 stud 1935 motor leaks. I have the engine apart. I know the only seal it has is the aluminum baffle plate that the rear of ...
Chet Sep-24-09 03:33 PM
by lynn
33 34 Ford Car Body numbers
I picked up a pair of 33 34 Frames with 2 door bodys.. BODY NUMBERS: 322B230843 and 222A38273 Are these the Vehicle ID numbers? What year are the...
Bill Yardley Sep-24-09 10:05 AM
by Ted S
How do I post a picture here?
How do I post a picture on this site?...
BobM Sep-23-09 10:34 PM
by John Connelly
fuel pressure restrictor
In my 1952 ford PU is a 289 engine with appropriate carburator and electric fuel pump. When the ignition is turned on the first time each day, fuel...
opticsguy Sep-23-09 09:53 PM
by supereal
1951 Ford Trunk Parts
Hi---This is Byron --Great day here in Maine. Does anyone know where I can buy the correct trunk mat for my 1951 Victoria which was woven fiber (not...
Byron Sep-23-09 08:30 PM
by kgs
bucking & snorting
I have a 47 ford which bucks and snorts in all gears yet idles perfectly!! I have changed the fuel filter.I have a back up electric fuel pump I in...
coolcoupe Sep-23-09 06:02 PM
by coolcoupe
Size of piston rod bearings
I have a set of NOS rod bearings for a 21 stud engine 1935. They are not in a box. I would like to know the size of them. I can not find any markings ...
JD Sep-23-09 03:49 PM
by supereal
Water pumps 8BA
I have several used and rebuilt water pumps that have been on my shelf for several years. Is there a good way to check there operating efficiency prio...
Steve Sep-23-09 03:37 PM
by supereal
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